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Sizzle & Spice is a vibrant and lively restaurant situated at 3 Plender Street in Camden Town.

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Discover the mouth-watering flavor of Camden's finest doner kebab!

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our premium menu

Mega Sizzle Meal

1 Quarter pounder, 1 lamb donner meat, 1 chips, 2 hot wings, 1 drink.

Sizzle Doner In a Box

Doner & chips jalapeno cheese sauce.

Chicken Tower Burger
Sizzle Wrap Meal

1 Lamb donner wrap, 2 hot wings, 1 chip, 1 drink.


Customer Reviews

"The affordable food here surpasses typical cheap kebab places and falls into a new category of 'gourmet fast-food' due to its exceptional quality and taste."
Aleks, Local Guide
"The ‘Sizzle and Spice Shatkora’ is the best kabab I have ever had! Highly recommend it! Best in Camden Town (first time I am writing a Google review, which shows how much I like the place)."
Aziz IŞIK, Local Customer
"Good service, awesome food, never missed a beat. If you're looking for a great kebab, this is the place. Tasty, good sized portions and very reasonably priced. Gonna miss this place when I leave Camden."
Mimi Vicheva, Designer
"I come here regularly for their Naga Donner mixed with chips. Their kebab roll is fantastic too. I would also recommend their shatkora donner. Speedy and friendly service. Highly recommended."
Sultan Hatab, Manager

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